Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In memory of Carl

This no news for anyone anymore, Carl Backstrom is no longer among us, which is really hard to believe. That was the last thing i'd imagine to read when i woke up this morning.

I met him in person for the first time this year, just 5 weeks ago indeed, at Oracle Open World where, besides a couple of presentations, he was often at the Apex booth where he was proudly showing the new exciting features of Apex 4.0, like websheets, a feature that makes large use of javascript and AJAX.

On one day i had lunch with him and Joel Kallman and i really enjoyed hanging out with them for an hour or so talking about Apex but also about our kids and what they do and so on. If there is something i like about the Apex team is in that they are all very approachable, very friendly, very enthusiastic about their work and helpful with the community of developers.

That's why i'm going to miss Carl.

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