Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Now i know why they call it a "primary need"

Recently i heard that in a few countries of the world, the access to internet has been declared a primary need.
I believe Finland and Iceland are among the countries and i have no doubt that they are taking the web very seriously.
But as it always happens with us Italians, the so-called primary need could be interpreted in a different way altogether, as we shall see.

So, what is a primary need in the first place?
Water, bread, peace or....?

The right answer can be easily with the help of the instant search of Google, that is the capability of the search engine to supply fresh results while typing.
Yesterday for some reason i was looking for images on www.google.it, so i began typing the letter B and the type ahead feature quickly suggested me some terms (the most frequently sought coming first i guess):
Belen Rodriguez
Belen Rodriguez senza mutande (translation: Belen Rodriguez without pants)
and presumably other less interesting results.
I called a friend of mine and asked to repeat the search using a diffent OS and a different browser and he got the same answer.

Then i typed D and the most sought terms were
Donne senza niente addosso (tr: women without cloths)
Donne senza reggiseno e mutande (tr: women without bra and without pants)
Donne spogliate completamente (tr: completely naked women)

For C the most sought term was "Cristiano Ronaldo", for L "Lady Gaga" and "Larissa Riquelme", for M "Megan Fox", for N "Nina Senicar", for P "Pokemon" immediately followed by "porcherie sessuali" (tr. wild sex), for S "Shakira", for T "ti amo" (tr. I love you) followed by "tattoo".

Eventually we found some real poets!

For what I've seen these results are fairly unique in the google realm, i tried with google.es, google.fr, google.com.mx, google.is and google.de, but none returned something alike (except "Britney Spears" in Spain), so either the search terms are really different or Google is serving me some generic terms basing on my geographic location.

Well, even without any scientific pretension, it must mean something.

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