Monday, February 07, 2011

Oracle XE 11G anyone?

If you strongly believe that Oracle XE (10g) was a great piece of software, as I do, and it's time to release an update in line with the current database offering, may be you should sign up for the following feature request:

Oracle XE 11G petition

Long live Oracle XE!


Gary Myers said...

It's already being worked on. Just not sure when the release will be:

Dougie Dorko said...

Soon... ;-)

Byte64 said...

Hi Gary,
I knew something was already underway, but it's great to see that it's actually running.
I wonder if there will be any beta phase, I'd be glad to participate.


Byte64 said...

Thanks for the update Doug ;-)

Kris Scorup said...

I came across this post by Joel Kallman a few days ago:

Byte64 said...

well, as Joel said, we'll wait and see.

As long as Apex can be easily installed on top of XE, I wouldn't feel so bad if they didn't include it in the basic installation.


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