Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SQLDeveloper 3.1EA2 is out

In case you missed it, the SQL Developer 3.1 Early Adopter Release 2 has been made available for download last night.

The good news for me is in that it seems they have fixed a very annoying problem that caused SQL Developer to hang when you restarted the application after closing it on Mac OS X.


mrgaddy said...

Have you ever been a PL/SQL Developer user? Any opinions on how Oracle's product compares and contrasts?

Byte64 said...

Mr. Gaddy,
what do you mean exactly by PL/SQL Developer User?
A user of the old "Developer" suite?

Certainly there are other excellent products out there, perhaps richer in features and with a well established reputation (like TOAD), but when it comes to those "free of charge", well, I guess SQL Developer is the way to go.

Last but not least, as I am a Mac OS X user, TOAD is not an option unless I install it on a Windows VM and I am not in the mood to pay a Windows license + TOAD license just for the pleasure of having a bunch of smart features that I'll probably never use anyway. If Quest ported it at least to some Linux platform I could perhaps reconsider the matter, but as long as they remain on Windows, there is no way I am going back to M$ just for that reason.

SQL Developer is steadily improving and becoming richer in feature release after release, so I am pretty happy with it, although it's not perfect.

I hope I answered your question, even if I am not a collector of PL/SQL tools.

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