Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New OTN forums, old problems?

Nice fresh look, but unfortunately this morning it keeps kicking me out whenever I try to access the Apex forum, not to talk about the slugginesh of the log-in (it takes 30 seconds or more to get in, just to be thrown back to the dashboard instead of keeping me on the same page as it happened before).

I am also getting the pages with a mix of anglo-italian titles.  

Am I the only lucky guy here?


Tyson Jouglet said...

Yes I am experiencing this as well. I can be logged in (indicated by my name in the upper left corner) and view a thread but if I try to post a reply it tells me I am logged out.

Byte64 said...

exactly Tyson, the same here.

Thanks for your feedback


Alonzo said...

This is cool!

Byte64 said...

I must say that, almost two months after, the user experience has definitely improved on OTN.

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