Friday, October 28, 2005

ORA-19007 and XML Schema

ORA-19007: Schema - does not match expected string

After a couple of hours of unsuccessful attempts, frustration had begone to creep in.
It was at that time that I had a sort of epiphany: "The problem is not with the XML Schema document, it is in the XML Schema instance declaration!"

My XML Schema document was registered in the repository as a local resource, whose schema URL is :

however my instance document was referring to the following XML Schema document:
And I completely overlooked it for more than two hours, because it was surronded by other strings.

Now, as you can see, error ORA-19007 is not telling you that there is not such XML Schema in the repository, but that the instance document doesn't match the expected schema.

If the error is in the value ranges, you'll get different errors, fortunately, but if an element is typed wrong, you will still get ORA-19007.

ORA-19007: Mancata corrispondenza tra schema ed elemento
ORA-19007: El esquema y el elemento no coinciden
ORA-19007: Esquema i element no coincidents
ORA-19007: Schéma et élément discordants
ORA-19007: Schema und Element stimmen nicht überein
ORA-19007: Το σχήμα και το στοιχείο δεν συμφωνούν
ORA-19007: Skema og element matcher ikke
ORA-19007: Schemat och elementet matchar inte varandra
ORA-19007: Skjema og element samsvarer ikke
ORA-19007: Kaava ja elementti eivät vastaa toisiaan
ORA-19007: A séma és az elem nem egyeik
ORA-19007: Schema şi elementele nu se potrivesc
ORA-19007: Schema en element komen niet met elkaar overeen.
ORA-19007: O esquema e o elemento não correspondem
ORA-19007: O schema e o elemento não correspondem
ORA-19007: Схема и элемент не согласуются
ORA-19007: Schéma a element se nerovnají
ORA-19007: Schéma a prvok sa nezhodujú
ORA-19007: Schemat i element nie są zgodne
ORA-19007: Şema ve öğe eşleşmiyor

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