Friday, June 23, 2006

ORA-00439: feature not enabled: Block Change Tracking

If you are getting ORA-00439 for a different feature, you may want to check out other postings concerning this family of error messages.

I got this error when i tried executing:
ORA-00439: feature not enabled: Block Change Tracking

I was really disappointed because i had just finished reading this article on Oracle Magazine and i was eager to try it out.

So i turned up to the oracle documentation and in the Licensing Information Guide i finally found out that block change tracking, allegedly called optimized incremental backup, was not available to Standard Editions, but limited to the Enterprise one. Or at least that was my understanding of the licensing information.

Don't you find that at times there is too much marketing in technical publications?

Awaiting comments

ORA-00439: funzione non abilitata:
ORA-00439: función no activada:
ORA-00439: característica no habilitada:
ORA-00439: Fonction non activée :
ORA-00439: Funktion nicht aktiviert:
ORA-00439: μη ενεργοποιημένη δυνατότητα:
ORA-00439: facilitet ikke aktiveret:
ORA-00439: funktionen är inte aktiverad:
ORA-00439: funksjon ikke aktivert:
ORA-00439: ominaisuus ei ole käytössä:
ORA-00439: a szolgáltatás nincs engedélyezve:
ORA-00439: caracteristică neactivată:
ORA-00439: Functionaliteit is niet geactiveerd: .
ORA-00439: recurso não ativado:
ORA-00439: Funcionalidade não activada:
ORA-00439: Не задействована функциональная возможность:
ORA-00439: není aktivována funkce:
ORA-00439: funkcia nie je aktivovaná:
ORA-00439: funkcja nie jest włączona:
ORA-00439: özellik etkinleştirilmedi:

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