Monday, September 25, 2006

Firefox and Oracle Apex: to be or not to be (a bug), this is the question

This is best experienced with Apex sites requiring authentication.

Open a tab in firefox and log on to the desidered application.

Open a new tab in firefox and log on again to the same application.

Go back to the previous tab and try to navigate to a new page within the application, most likely you will be presented with the log in screen again.
Your previous session is *gone*.

The same happens even when you open a new browser instance.
For some reason firefox doesn't like multiple "windows" open on the same site.

I didn't carry out extensive research on this, but i believe this is a multiplatform, multiversion bug (or feature as normally developers say...).

May be it's not a bug and there is an option in a menu, i didn't investigate that, i admit, but after loosing a huge form of full of manually written data, i wasn't in the mood for searching some stupid flag hidden somewhere.

I just can't see why it makes sense to work like that.

Open for comments.

PS: never, ever, enter a large text in a web application without first making a copy of it in a scratch document, unless you are prepared to type it again. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Great blog. I'm commenting here because I couldn't find an email link.

This guy is stealing your content for his AdSense farm:

Byte64 said...

Actually a great deal of visitors who land here coming from that site. It would be "stealing" if they replicated the whole content without my consent.

Why do you see this as stealing?


Anonymous said...

I got here through that page also, but he clearly states that its a blog aggregator.. dont see any issues

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