Wednesday, November 29, 2006

ORA-01403 in ApEx weighted page perfomance statistics

If you are wondering why you're getting:
ORA-01403: no data found
when you open "Page Views by Weighted Page Performance" in the Monitor Activity section of Oracle Application Express, version (or earlier i presume), then check in the lower left corner of the page what is the current language detected by the browser.

This report is flawed by a problem with the default decimal point character derived from the browser language settings.

In brief, if you set your browser's primary language to en (english) or es-mx (spanish-mexico) , the report will work because the decimal point character is the period (.), but if you have it (italian) or es (Spanish international) or another language with the comma as decimal separator, the report will not work.


John Scott said...

Excellent post, it should help a lot of people.

Byte64 said...

Thanks John,
if you remember, it took us a while to figure out this quirk, that day in october...

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