Friday, November 24, 2006

ORA-21779 reloaded

I am getting no more ORA-21779 lately.
I am wondering if patch did work in the end for my regexp_replace problem.
Definitely a weird case.

UPDATED July 13, 2007
if you are getting this error in an Oracle Application Express page, try out this workaround.

ORA-21779: durata non attiva
ORA-21779: duración no activa
ORA-21779: durada inactiva
ORA-21779: durée dépassée
ORA-21779: Dauer nicht aktiv
ORA-21779: διάρκεια μη ενεργή
ORA-21779: varighed ikke aktiv
ORA-21779: varaktigheten är inte aktiv
ORA-21779: varighet ikke aktiv
ORA-21779: kesto ei aktiivinen
ORA-21779: az időtartam nem érvényes
ORA-21779: durata nu este activă
ORA-21779: Tijdsduur is niet actief.
ORA-21779: duração não está ativa
ORA-21779: duração não activa
ORA-21779: период не активный
ORA-21779: trvání není aktivní
ORA-21779: trvanie nie je aktívne
ORA-21779: nie uaktywniono czasu trwania
ORA-21779: süre etkin değil

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