Thursday, January 18, 2007

ORA-30004 when using SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH

In case you are wondering what the heck it means the following message:

ORA-30004: when using SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH function, cannot have seperator as part of column value

you need to verify if in the given recordset the value of the column specified as first argument to SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH there is already the same character specified as separator.

In other words, say you wrote something like:


the function call will raise an exception if there is any record where item_name contains already a backslash character.

In the end Oracle is just preventing us from misinterpreting the results.

ORA-30004: impossibile rendere il separatore parte del valore di colonna quando si utilizza la funzione SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH
ORA-30004: al utilizar la función SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH, el separador no puede formar parte del valor de la columna
ORA-30004: quan s'utilitzi la funció SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH no podreu tenir un separador formant part del valor de la columna
ORA-30004: avec la fonction SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH, le séparateur ne doit pas faire partie de la valeur de la colonne
ORA-30004: Bei Verwendung der Funktion SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH ist Trennzeichen als Bestandteil des Spaltenwerts nicht zulässig
ORA-30004: κατά τη χρήση της συνάρτησης SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH, δεν επιτρέπεται το διαχωριστικό να είναι μέρος της τιμής της στήλης
ORA-30004: ved brug af funktionen SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH kan separator ikke være del af kolonneværdi
ORA-30004: vid användning av funktionen SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH kan inte avgränsaren ingå i kolumnvärdet
ORA-30004: når du bruker funksjonen SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH, kan du ikke ha et skilletegn som en del av en kolonneverdi
ORA-30004: kun käytetään SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH-funktiota, erotin ei voi olla osa sarakearvoa
ORA-30004: a SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH funkció használatakor az elválasztó nem lehet az oszlopérték része
ORA-30004: la utilizarea funcţiei SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH nu pot apărea separatori ca porţiuni din valorile coloanelor
ORA-30004: Als u de functie SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH gebruikt, kunt u geen scheidingsteken gebruiken als deel van een kolomwaarde.
ORA-30004: durante o uso da função SYS CONNECT BY PATH, um separador não pode fazer parte de um valor de coluna
ORA-30004: com a função SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH, não é possível utilizar um separador como parte integrante do valor da coluna
ORA-30004: при использовании функции SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH невозможно получить разделитель как часть значения столбца
ORA-30004: při používání funkce SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH není možné mít oddělovač jako součást hodnoty sloupce
ORA-30004: pri použití funkcie SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH nemožno mať separátor ako súčasť hodnoty stĺpca
ORA-30004: podczas używania funkcji SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH nie można zastosować separatora jako części wartości kolumny
ORA-30004: SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH fonksiyonu kullanılırken, sütun değerinin bir parçası olarak ayırıcı edinilemez


HB said...

Well, I tried all the characters (outside the regular alphabet set), each of them generated the same error!

Byte64 said...

Do you mean you tried with punctuation characters like ".;:,"?
What kind of information is stored in the column then?

At any rate, keep in mind that you can specify also a sequence of characters as separator, like "<...>", in some way you should be able to find a combination that doesn't raise the error.

yes you can!

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