Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Oracle Apex's Static List Of Values editors

May be you didn't notice it, but there is more than one Static List Of Values editor in Oracle Application Express version 2.2.
The first one, with a rather minimalistic user interface is present in each item's definition page, under the List of Values attribute properties, and allows you to edit *only* the first 15 elements.
It means that if you manually entered 16 or more values into the List of values definition field and then you click on the editor link, they will be truncated at the 15th, so watch out before clicking on APPLY_CHANGES!

Then, in case you need to stuff more than 15 entries in the static LOV, you're better off taking advantage of the automatic LOV converter that you find in the upper right corner of the page, under the Task List as Convert LOV.

Once the List of values has been converted into a named list of values, you can finally enjoy the a much more refined version of the editor that allows you to easily change the order of appearance of the elements, add new ones and handle more than 15 entries.
This editor is accessible from the Grid Edit button, after clicking on the LOV name that you find in the shared components section of the page definition.

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