Thursday, April 19, 2007

DRG-11729/DRG-11728: phrase does not have any narrower/broader terms of this type

One more note regarding CTX_THES.DROP_RELATION


When you omit parameter relphrase (the 4th) and there are no associated narrower or broader terms associated with parameter phrase (the 2nd), the procedure will return either of the following two error messages:

ORA-20000: Oracle Text error:
DRG-11729: phrase does not have any narrower terms of this type
DRG-11728: phrase does not have any broader terms of this type

depending on the value of rel (the 3rd, NT in the example above).
Again, if you get either of these two errors it means that phrase is in the thesaurus, otherwise you would get DRG-11704.

Click on the Oracle Text label below to see all postings regarding this class of errors.

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