Thursday, May 17, 2007

Invalid or unsupported parameter "JOB_QUEUE_INTERVAL"

If you worked with version 8i, you probably remember the initialization parameter JOB_QUEUE_INTERVAL.

Well, as of Oracle version 9.0.1 of Oracle RDBMS, this parameter has been made obsolete, as you can read in the Database Migration Guide for Oracle 9i Release 2, however there are several other books in the same library where this parameter is still referenced.

This means that if you have a program doing something like:

intval binary_integer;
strval varchar2(255);
rtnval binary_integer;
intval => intval,
strval => strval);
it will end up with the following error:
ORA-20000: get_parameter_value: invalid or unsupported parameter "JOB_QUEUE_INTERVAL"
If you execute the following statement from SQL*Plus:
it will return:
ORA-25138: JOB_QUEUE_INTERVAL initialization parameter has been made obsolete
The last question concerns the default value that Oracle is using since JOB_QUEUE_INTERVAL has been discontinued: i could not find a document telling me if the value has been set to 60 seconds, the default value in Oracle 8i.

Note however that JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES is still valid, albeit DBMS_JOB package has been deprecated and DBMS_SCHEDULER has been introduced.

ORA-25138: il parametro di inizializzazione è stato reso obsoleto
ORA-25138: el parámetro de inicialización está obsoleto
ORA-25138: el paràmetre d'inicialització ha estat fet obsolet
ORA-25138: le paramètre d'initialisation est obsolète
ORA-25138: Initialisierungsparameter ist veraltet
ORA-25138: η παράμετρος αρχικοποίησης είναι απαρχαιωμένη
ORA-25138: initialiseringsparameter er overflødig
ORA-25138: initieringsparametern har gjorts föråldrad
ORA-25138: initialiseringsparameter er foreldet
ORA-25138: alustusparametri on vanhentunut
ORA-25138: a(z) inicializálási paraméter már elavult
ORA-25138: parametrul de iniţializare nu mai este de actualitate
ORA-25138: Initialisatieparameter is verouderd.
ORA-25138: o parâmetro de inicialização se tornou obsoleto
ORA-25138: o parâmetro de inicialização tornou-se obsoleto
ORA-25138: параметр инициализации устарел
ORA-25138: zastaralý inicializační parametr
ORA-25138: iniciačný parameter sa stal zastaraným
ORA-25138: parametr inicjalizacji został zdezaktualizowany
ORA-25138: başlatma parametresi kullanılamaz olarak belirlenmiş
ORA-25138: initialization parameter has been made obsolete


redzone08 said...

Oracle MetaLink Note 197220.1 indicates that the new default interval is 5 seconds but that it can be overridden using hidden parameter _job_queue_interval.

Byte64 said...

thanks for reporting this redzone.


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