Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Removing Apex unreferenced templates

Did you ever noticed that removing unnecessary templates will make the application export file smaller?

I was evaluating the last entries in my to-do list prior to releasing the Global Notification Manager version 1.0 and i realized i had to do some clean up in the templates area as there was plenty of unused templates.

After manually deleting the first two items and seeing that i had still 50 to go, i began to think that perhaps there was some smarter way of doing this repetitive task.

I started off looking for some useful procedure in the package WWV_FLOW_API, an API package where one can find a lot of useful stuff that is not present in the main API packages (the APEX_XXXX ones) and that is granted execution to PUBLIC.

Indeed i soon found a very promising procedure: WWV_FLOW_API.DELETE_TEMPLATE

Unfortunately this procedure is not supported and not documented and, most important, it doesn't work at all in version 3.0.1 and i guess it doesn't work on previous versions either.

But not all is lost.

If you can log on to SQL*Plus as user FLOWS_030000, then you can use AT YOUR OWN RISK, this PL/SQL block and get the job done very quickly.

And don't forget to remove unused themes too!

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