Thursday, January 10, 2008

8 crazy things? i'm game!

As i've been tagged by my friend John Scott, i cannot escape from the fate.

Before saying anything else, let me summon just a few acquaintances in this crazy chain, David Peake, Joel Kallman, Patrick Wolf and Bernhard Fischer-Wasels as most of the others I know have been already tagged.

In order of (descending?) craziness:

  1. I had to learn RPG IV in my thirties.
  2. I was used to play tennis until a broke a meniscus, otherwise i'd be playing at Wimbledon by now.
  3. One night in London, at a restaurant, i met the pop-star Lionel Richie but i was tempted to ask his girlfriend for the autograph.
  4. I am probably the only Italian who cultivates Mexican green tomatoes and authentic Mexican chillies and, for this reason, i hope one day I'll receive an honorary Mexican citizenship.
  5. Some years ago i was seriously thinking of taking lessons of Nahuatl during summer time.
  6. I was an HP calculator addict and i spent many night writing assembly routines instead of hanging out with friends and girls (but later i caught up...). Now i am in the Apple Mac phase.
  7. I love cooking, including prepare home made pasta and Mexican recipes and i publish recipes and photos of the results on a different blog.
  8. I haven't set up yet an Oracle Apex site dedicated to Mexican chillies.
There would be more to add, but we said just eight... :-D

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