Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Need to download archived versions of oracle application express?

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Yesterday i had to install on a PC an old version of Apex or better said, HtmlDB 2.0.
It may sound strange, but if you need to develop a small application basing on an obsolete version and you can't convince the customer to upgrade to the latest one, then you must work with what is available (or find another customer...).
To make things more complicated, i didn't carry with me the CD with the various zip files, so i thought that in the end i could still download the desired version from Oracle's servers.
This proved to be true in the end, but only after some research, because i didn't find any "official" oracle application express archived versions download page, but only some spare links gathered here and there plus some guessing.

Please note that you will need to authenticate yourself using OTN Credentials in order to download these files.

Of course I cannot guarantee that at time of reading these links are still working or that Oracle is willing to allow the downloading of these files through this page forever.
I guess also that you should read and accept the download terms as per Oracle download agreement prior to downloading the software.

At time of writing I couldn't locate a download link for HTMLDB 1.5.
This list of links will be included in the sidebar of oraclequirks for quicker access.
Note that you can already find the links of the related documentation in the sidebar.

PS: clearly i found the official archive page 5 minutes after publishing the posting...
Go to Oracle Apex archived versions page

Updated on May 30 for including version 3.1.1


Patrick Wolf said...

Normally you would expect the "prior releases" link on the page where you can download the current version and not on the main page under "More Information"...


Byte64 said...

Hello Patrick,
i'm so happy that you understand my point!


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