Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ORA-01775: looping chain of synonyms

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ORA-01775: looping chain of synonyms
This error is very similar to ORA-00980, this specific error is returned when the underlying object, bearing the same name as the synonym, is either renamed or dropped. At that point an attempt to resolve the name pointed to by the synonym only returns the synonym itself, resulting in a circular reference, hence the error message.

Refer to the aforementioned blog entry for applicable examples or see message translations for ORA-01775 and search additional resources.


Brian Tkatch said...

Keep these coming. Your blog is very interesting.

Anonymous said...

THANKS A LOT DUDE ... i was missing this case

Anonymous said...

I received this same error because of privileges through a database link in a materialized view. Make sure the privileges are corrent on the master site

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