Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Poll of the month - what's your preferred apex flavour?

I am currently developing an Apex application aimed to the public and i am asking myself whether this application should be made available as a pure apex 3.1 compatible application or if i should retain the compatibility with the previous versions (but not earlier than 2.2).
As you can easily imagine, one thing is to design a no-brainer 3.1 compatible application, another thing is to design an application where all the new cool stuff is completely ignored but works seamlessly with multiple versions and yet another thing is to build a modular application that includes/excludes certain pieces depending on what's available.

Not only, if 90% percent of the users have already migrated to 3.0 or later, there is no point in maintaining backward compatibility with earlier releases. On the other hand, there could be a vast area of users who are perfectly happy with Apex 3.0 and they do not plan to upgrade any time soon.

So, if you are an Apex power user, do me a favor, take a second to vote, i really would like to understand what's out there.
The poll will remain open until september 5.

Thank you,

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