Thursday, September 04, 2008

ERR-1016 Application "4350" Page "1" not found (requested language="en-us")

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Since the migration to apex 3.1, i've been haunted by a strange login problem affecting both my apex hosting provider and

Whenever i try to access my workspace administrator account using the traditional URL like:

the browser is automatically redirected to a modified URL:\f?p=4350|1\
The last portion of this URL is setting the value of the application item FSP_AFTER_LOGIN_URL to a nonexisting page, indeed if i press the login button, i get:

ERR-1016 Application "4350" Page "1" not found (requested language="en-us")
A simple workaround i've found is to change the original URL by appending the page number:
There must be something odd in the redirection mechanism of Apex 3.1 because this didn't happen with earlier releases.

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