Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome and Oracle Application Express (Apex)

Google Chrome beta is out (for Windows only currently) and i couldn't resist to see how it does perform with Apex sites.

For what i've seen so far, there are some cosmetic problems with certain themes, but Apex itself seems to work well.

According to the statistics of this site there was a remarkable 3.6% of visitors (18 out of 500) who tried out Google Chrome on this site, which make it fifth in the ranking or third if we group the browsers by family.

I like very much the sleek design of Chrome, hopefully Google will quickly improve on a few areas like the support for multiple languages in the language spelling feature, something that Firefox does very well (unless i missed something in the browser options...).

So, we shall see if Chrome will hit harder on the Internet Explorer market share or on Firefox's one.

Updated September 4:
After just one day, chrome users have increased to 8% of the total.
IE users are decreasing by 3% (-15), Firefox users down by 1% (-5).
These 20 visitors are almost perfectly matching the increase of from 18 to 40 of new Chrome users...

Interestingly enough, if i compare the stats of this site with the stats of another site where the majority of visitors are not "techies", the number of Chrome early adopters decreases significantly to 1.6%.

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Anonymous said...

it is important to note that Chrome is only a Beta version and Aplications will not yet work. Wait for FULL Version

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