Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Preparing for ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2009

Although i am not used to make shameless promotion of myself, i am glad to inform anyone who may be interested in Oracle seminars and conventions that i am going to present two papers at ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2009 that will be held in Monterey, California on June 20-25, 2009.

I am especially happy because both papers were accepted after an intensive selection process according to the figures reported on the ODTUG site, so i cannot hide the fact that i am really proud to have been chosen for presenting at Kaleidoscope 2009.

If you look at the abstracts page may be you find just one entry against my name, but i'v got an email later informing that i am also expected to present a second paper.

Here are the abstracts of the two presentations:

Title: Oracle Application Express Supporting Objects

Abstract: Apex supporting objects scripts make easy for the developer to deploy an application in a new environment or ship a self-installing apex application to end-users.
It is important to understand each supporting object component and see how it affects the installation or upgrade process. The modularity of installation scripts allows a developer to subdivide the tasks in several steps and take advantage of PL/SQL procedures for executing complex checks. The goal of this session is to identify who does what and when, taking into consideration the current limitations of this tool.

Title: Oracle Application Express and Schema design guidelines

Abstract: Apex is a fantastic tool for creating web applications quickly out of excel spreadsheet or existing schema objects. Indeed it's even too quick as most developers probably do not pay the required attention to the schema design! In this session i will go through the various table types, user defined objects, packages vs procedures, regular views and materialized views, synonyms and triggers, to make it clear why one approach is better than an another in certain situations. Finally i'll also briefly mention oracle built-in packages whose existence sometimes certain developers simply ignore, including myself of course ;-)

There are a lot of interesting presentations covering various areas, hopefully i'll be able to attend most of them without having to "toss the coin" as i had to do at OOW 2008.

I'll see you in Monterey!


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