Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Presetting workspace name and username: quick tip for the lazy apex developer

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A quick tip for the lazy apex developers like me.
If you manage many workspaces on different machines and servers, you may want to create several bookmarks to quickly preset the workspace name and the workspace administrator name or an application developer name if you prefer.

Being Apex a tool written with Apex itself, it's easy to preset the page items in the following fashion:
just replace the various the parameters like hostname, path, WORKSPACE and USERNAME with the corresponding values.

For instance:
the bookmark works for the standard apex super administrator in a typical Oracle XE installation and it is practically equivalent to:
If you have an account on, supposing you have a workspace named ACME with an administrator called CERBERUS, then your bookmark becomes:,F4550_P1_USERNAME:ACME,CERBERUS

If you manage a single workspace this is of little use, but if you deal with dozens of them it can definitely help.

Do not use this method to store the password in clear text inside the bookmark, if you don't want to type the password every time, then turn on the password wallet feature of the browser.

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PS: if you ever watched looney tunes cartoons, then you'll remember that ACME was the brand printed on any box of any item handled by bugs bunny, wil coyote, duffy duck, speedy gonzalez and so on. I read somewhere (on IMDB perhaps?) that ACME stood for "A Company that Makes Everything" :-)

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