Thursday, March 19, 2009

ORA-00904 when clicking on edit in SQLDeveloper 1.5.4

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If you are wondering why you are getting the following pop-up screen when attempting to edit a procedure (or a trigger, a type or anything else that can be edited in the editor panel, but not views for instance) after upgrading to the latest version of SQL Developer (1.5.4)...

ORA-00904: "ATTRIBUTE": invalid identifier
vendor code 904

... you may ask yourself if you are trying to perform this operation on a Oracle 9i database.

Please note that the annoying pop-up message doesn't prevent you from editing the source and apparently you can still compile it successfully, although every time you hit on the compile icon you'll get the exception again.
It looks like a problem with some underlying view or table that is queried by SQL Developer and is lacking a column in oracle 9i, but this is just a speculation of mine.

Initially i had a feeling that someone had told me that as of version 1.5.x Oracle 9i was no longer supported, but when i read the release notes i read that Oracle 8.1.7 was no longer supported, so i failed to find a specific statement about Oracle 9i.
I must conclude that it is still supported or i did not search hard enough in the accompanying documentation...

If i click on EDIT using SQL Developer 1.5.1 (the previous version installed on my PC) i don't get any errors of this kind.

See message translations for ORA-00904 or read more articles about SQL Developer.


James Bell said...

Yes quite an annoying little quirk. I can verify it was not there in 1.5.3 and also that it happens even in 9iR2 (

I am looking forward to 1.5.5 :)

Byte64 said...

Hi James,
let me know if the quirk was already there in 1.5.3, i'll add a note later

Thank you!

James Bell said...

No it did not happen in 1.5.3.

Byte64 said...

Thanks for reporting this James, so we have a freshly baked little bug here.


hartraft said...

Oracle never ceases to surprise me. Thanks Flavio for creating this blog, i know i'm not alone =)

ole said...

I got the same problem with Oracle 10g and Slqdeveloper No problem with same database and Sqldev 1.5.4

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