Friday, April 10, 2009

Oracle 10gR2 is finally available for Mac OS X on Intel

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If you didn't hear the latest news, Oracle 10gR2 for Mac OS X is officially available for download.
Thanks to Scott Spendolini for reporting this exciting news.

Awaiting to finish the download and to begin the installation on Mac OS X 10.5.6.

Updated April 14. If you are primarily interested in getting Oracle Application Express to work on Mac OS X natively, then you'll have to wait until Oracle releases the missing server components as Apex is not yet supported. See Scott's posting.


Raymond said...

Did you managed to install it? I am getting strange ORA-12547 TNS connection error when dbca tries to create database and I cannot understand the reason :(

Byte64 said...

i didn't, i was reviewing the pre-installation tasks and apparently i have to change a lot of kernel parameters.

Did you check that list first?

Moreover there is a strange statement that sounds like "install only on Mac OS X 10.5.4 server"

Most of the people will have 10.5.6 installed by this time, most likely not the server edition, so i am wondering if that statement makes any sense actually...

Anyway, i believe i'll do a test first installing it in a VM, i'd like to avoid messing up with my host server parameters.


Raymond said...

I managed to solve my issue - the reason was that ulimit options were not specified correctly according to Oracle installation preconditions.

I published tutorial about how to install Oracle Database 10g on Mac OS X Intel:

Hope that this could be useful to others as well :)

Byte64 said...

Hello Raymond,
thanks for the posting!

It turns outa that the current distribution of 10gR2 for Mac OS X doesn't support Oracle Application Express, which is the main reason for having Oracle 10gR2 installed on a MacBook in the first place, so i fear that for the moment it would be a useless installation exercise...


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