Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A view for tracking build options usage in Apex

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Did you ever need to find out where a certain build option was specified inside an apex application?

Build options are a useful feature of Oracle Application Express that allows a developer to enable or disable certain functions or components by simply changing the value of the associated flag (Include/Exclude).
In other words build options allow you change the configuration of an application without modifying the metadata.

Unfortunately, unlike other components, Apex doesn't help much the developer with a report on the usage of build options throughout the application and given their ubiquity it is really useful to run a single query that summarizes the information.

Follow the link to download the source code of APX_BUILD_OPTION_USAGE view.

While testing the view i realized also that there was a bug in view APEX_APPLICATION_PAGE_REGIONS.
In the picture above, all page regions build options are reported as {Not production}, but the real build option value is Production.
After checking the source code of the view i can confirm that BUILD_OPTION is returning the wrong value owing to a mistake in a subquery, so in the particular case of this view you should consider only the presence of the build option name, not its reported inclusion or exclusion.
This bug affects Apex 3.2, 3.1.2 and probably earlier versions.

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