Thursday, July 02, 2009

In case you upgraded to firefox 3.5 on Mac OS X and the bookmarks are gone...

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This morning i realized that Firefox 3.5 had been released.
Soon after installing the new version, i had a feeling that something went wrong with my current bookmarks library because many recent entries were gone.
Actually i think that firefox restored (for some unknown reason) an old version of more than one year ago.
Fortunately, after searching for some help on how to restore bookmarks, i could easily revert to a decent state by performing the restore from the most recent backup taken yesterday.

Actually it's pretty simple if you know where to look at.
After opening "Organize bookmarks" from the bookmarks menu, press the "star" button and choose restore from the drop menu as illustrated below:

Hope it helps to prevent some headaches.

And now let's see if there are any surprises with apex scripts...

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