Friday, July 31, 2009

ORA-39094: Parallel execution not supported in this database edition

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This morning i was trying out a demo of DBMS_DATAPUMP found at and initially i wasn't getting the expected file dump, so i slightly modified the procedure in order to understand where it was stopping. The problem with this nice demo is in that it must have been written for Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition (i was testing this on a 10gR2 SE) because, after a couple of misses, i eventually isolated the failing statement:


After surrounding this statement with an error trapping block:
-- set parallelism
dbms_datapump.set_parallel(dph, 2);
when xcp_39002 then null;
i could successfully complete the demo and here is what i found at beginning of the DBMS_OUTPUT message trail:
ORA-39002: invalid operation
ORA-39094: Parallel execution not supported in this database edition.
This is expected behavior as per the official documentation.

See message translations for ORA-39094 and search additional resources.

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