Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How to copy an Apex region and its items within the same page

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Ever needed to duplicate a region along with its items within the same page?
If you attempt to copy a region and its items to the same page, you will get the following message in Apex 4.0:

This restriction can be easily circumvented by first copying the region to a different page and then, from there, back to the original page. So, you may want to create an unused page in Apex just for doing this sort of operations. Clearly this is a convenient method if the region contains a lot of items, if a region contains only one or two items you might be better off copying the region without items and then duplicating the items manually.

I know it seems fairly trivial, but when you get a show stopper message like that above, the first reaction is probably to give up when there is actually a fairly simple workaround in the Apex arsenal that does the trick in a matter of seconds.

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