Thursday, December 09, 2010

Let's learn chinese with Apex

Don't ask me why, but here is how the official Oracle Apex page looks like today.

I definitely need to learn some chinese!

PS: i checked if i had selected chinese in my browser's preferred languages, but i didn't...


Salim Hlayel said...

may be because you have selected China in the country section on the top of the page

Byte64 said...

Well, yes, but i didn't or at least, not willingly.

I mean, i had no reason whatsoever to select the website for China.

I must have hit something, some mouseover event that got fired without even noticing.


Scott Wesley said...

I concur with flavio, I just clicked on a link from OTN - it took me to Oracle - in Chinese!

Then go to click on US region - since no Australasia for me :-( - and it's still a little tough for me to read!

Byte64 said...

Thank you Scott,
i knew i wasn't drunk!

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