Monday, September 29, 2014

Time for an Oracle Apex feature request - single sign-on authentication

I've just submitted a feature request because I believe that the current Application Group concept is a fairly weak one if it doesn't bring about some advantage in terms of features for the developer.

Basically what I am asking for is that one can easily implement a single sign-on authentication method across multiple applications within the same application group, pretty much like the existing authentication method that APEX itself is using when you navigate between the Application Builder, SQL Workshop and other opaque applications that constitute the framework.

 If you agree, here is the link for voting this feature request.


Anonymous said...

You can already do this using Session Cookie Attributes - set the cookie name, and users can navigate between any applications that share that cookie name without logging in again.

Byte64 said...

I know that is technically possible, what I am suggesting is a more integrated approach where you define such mechanism in a single place.


Anonymous said...

Ok - what are you suggesting exactly? What needs to be added to Apex apart from just setting one attribute in the application definition?

Byte64 said...

I am not suggesting anything extraordinary, I am suggesting that a feature that could to be shared at the application group level can be defined at the application group level that is in a single place instead of three, four or five or whatever.
The same could apply to global application items, it's much better to define them at the application group level once rather than going to each and every application and repeat the procedure.
As it is today I find the "application group" feature a bit useless, you create an application group, you put a bunch of apps in there and then what?
Nothing apart from a nice new column in an apex dictionary view.
It's just a matter of simplicity, logic and tidiness.

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