Thursday, July 23, 2015

About using APEX_COLLECTIONS in a tabular form with INSTEAD OF triggers

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In case you dreamed of updating an Apex tabular form built on top of a view based on APEX_COLLECTIONS by means of INSTEAD OF triggers, you must be ready to grant the following rights to the schema user attached to the workspace, otherwise you'll get an ORA-01031: Insufficient privileges run-time error.
Each privilege is only required for the corresponding action, if you don't need to delete from the view you can safely omit GRANT DELETE for instance.

This DDL can only be executed by the DBA or by the APEX_xxxxxx user.
Probably the DBA won't like to do it for the usual security issues.

Note also that this kind of permissions are not carried over during subsequent Apex upgrades, which means that tabular forms will stop working if you forget to re-execute the grants after a major upgrade.

See message translations for ORA-01031 and search additional resources.

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