Monday, April 02, 2007

Regular Expressions

Would you mind to give me some feedback on this tool?

It's an online regular expression workbench, it's just a beta version, but it's almost (or so i presume...) fully functional.

It's powered by Oracle Application Express and it's my first multilingual application.
By default it will display in italian, but a preliminary english translation is available, including all the help windows, and you can switch language by clicking on the appropriate link in the lower left corner.

I used it myself for developing and testing some regular expressions and i found it's pretty neat.
Of course there is room for improvement and that is why i'd really like to hear from you.

A spanish translation is underway and more languages will be added later on.

This online environment is also an excellent way for showing you why you get certain errors like:

ORA-12726 unmatched bracket in regular expression

or how Oracle regular expressions work compared to other implementations.

So, let's start playin' with the toy, it's free.


Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Flavio,

Nice tool! I like it.

Best Regards,

Byte64 said...

Thank you Dimitri!
Hopefully it will prove to be useful.
I've got already a couple of enhancements in mind, so, this is just a "starter"...


Jan Huyzentruyt said...

Hi Flavio,

Great initiative! I' am not so acquainted yet with regular expressions; but such a tool can always help novice-users. I will certainly try it out ...

I was wondering how you did the XLIFF-translation for your application. Did you use a specific Editor?

We made a tool for the translation of Apex XLIFF-files. We initially used it in-house, but at the beginning of this year, we made it public :

So, if you are interested, you can always give it a try. All feedback is welcome to ameliorate the tool.

I also blogged on it at



Jan Huyzentruyt

Byte64 said...

Hi Jan,
there is not much room for mistery as to what tool i used for my first Apex XLIFF translation exercise, as i've used XMLSpy in Grid View mode.
Which is good if the strings are short but is a pain in the ass, when they don't fit in the screen, unless you resize manually the box or scroll the cell with the mouse because the cursor tends to disappear.
I didn't do much research about available tools, i was urged to publish the application in english at least, so thanks for letting me know about it, i'll certainly try it out as i am in the process of translating the workbench in Spanish too.


Byte64 said...

it's a cool tool!

If i can add up to the "wish list", you could provide a sort of final report summarizing translated elements with word counting.

This would be especially useful when you have to deal with someone who charges you on a per-word basis.

I am still not clear as to how your tool deals with spell checking, i haven't spent too much time today, but i saw that you have dictionaries and so on, so, i'll come back to see how it works.


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